The Selling Game

The Selling Game.

If you are a natural you win.
If you are not winning, it’s natural.

happy salesThere are natural born salespeople and those that have to work at it. If you are focusing most of your brain-power on the game of selling, and so much so that you are not having an easy time of it then being a winning salesperson doesn’t come naturally.

You may be able to sustain this for a quarter and meet goals, but you must excerpt a great deal of focus and energy to sustain that level.

But it could be.

The difference between being a natural winning salesperson and being someone that must put lots of effort into MAKING it happen are in the Mental/Emotional Skills area of the selling game.

For example, if your response to rejection really sets you back, or have a difficult time asking for the order, you are not operating at 100% as those who do it naturally are.

The answer to winning naturally is a psychological one and an easy one to obtain and master. Our program supplements product training by supporting the individual in methods to overcome personal obstacles to goal realization so that they achieve their maximum potential.

Permanent improvement in these areas is possible:

      • confidence
      • organization
      • communication
      • concentration/memory
      • negotiation skills
      • removing barriers to growth
      • hitting a new sales target
      • stop call reluctance
      • representation of a new product
      • breaking out of a routine
      • stress management

We Understand How the Mind Works.

The program is designed for those who want to heighten ability in an area in order operate at their full potential and/or those who are ready to dig dipper to get to the cause of under performance or lack of performance and remove mental blocks and self-imposed barriers to success.

Everyone has underlying beliefs that affect success in life. Some of those beliefs can make permanent success unattainable (for instance, if someone told them at an early age they would be successful at anything, it is highly likely the subconscious thought is creating the current outcome).

If a person possesses a belief that they “could sell ice to an Eskimo,” then that belief system expresses in their daily life.

How do we do it?

This program improves an individual’s skills by first identifying the current self-defeating belief and using consistent repetition to reinforce a new positive belief that is in line with their goal.

Call for your complimentary consultation for our one on one individual or  on-site corporate group program.

We promise that you will understand easily and quickly that this program is like no other you have ever tried…if it was you wouldn’t be reading this and thinking about calling.

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