Fear is a huge barrier to success, and Valerie has broken the code on how to remove that fear permanently. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what Valerie’s program has done for me. Jeff W – Dallas TX

Fear is natural…. And it also is the barrier to realizing your dreams professionally and otherwise. Valerie helped me in 2012…best money I ever spent! I’ve had record-breaking years ever since. If you want to understand your ability to perform, you should strongly consider giving Valerie Grimes a chance.  John J – Dallas, TX

“I was at a point in my business where I needed to move forward. After my first session I saw tremendous results. Valerie quickly found what was stopping me. The results have continued to increase with more time and sessions. I made a decision to put myself in her hands, and she is helping me to reach new heights. The recordings she made me are key. I am so glad I finally made the decision.” MIKE S – GRANBURY, TX

Thank you for an amazing session this week. I feel more energized and ready to move forward. You helped me recognize and move through the obstacle holding me back professionally. I was able to have two successful meetings this week due to the work we did together! Clearing these obstacles helped me focus on my goals and re-direct my energy positively. MJR – MCKINNEY, TX

 I found that I not only solved my problem with her help, but I have a much more optimistic view of how to solve problems using Valerie’s advice. She is a trusted adviser and a great mind coach. MICHAEL H – FRISCO, TX

What is the Value in Removing Obstacles to Sales?

In sales, I have found that the toughest person I deal with on a day-to-day basis is the guy in the mirror.  While there were some areas of my sales process that were going great, there were others that continually came up short.  Valerie helped me identify the habits and beliefs I carried around from my past that kept me reaching my full potential.  

She helped see why those beliefs were no longer valid.  Then, in a very subtle but effective way, she helped reset my thinking and overcome those unproductive and false beliefs.  It was the change in outlook that helped me unlock the skills and talent that had been there the entire time.  

If you have been struggling with some mental roadblocks that seem to hold your career back and prevent you from reaching your full potential, I highly recommend spending time with Valerie.  Be open to the idea and let her show you what she can do. ERIC A – DALLAS

Excerpts from online class participants in 2008 and employee training at Dallas Laser Dentistry in 2009

“Finding the root cause of my mental block when it came to making sales calls. Not only did my sales abilities improve, other areas of my life have improved as well.  My outlook is more positive all the way around and I am visualizing my own success each and every day.”

“Enabled me to identify and bring dormant skills to assist me in improving my effectiveness in the market place.”

“I identified organizational skills as an area in need of improvement and uncovered the source of my belief in being disorganized. I now believe I am An Organized and Skilled Sales Rep.”

“Identifying the source has helped me eliminate internal obstacles. It’s a puzzle to solve, not a wall to run into.”

“My reluctance to selling has dramatically been reduced.”