New Kind of Sales Force Training

sales force training

 Sales force training now includes mental skills training.

Sales force training and support are offered by most all companies and that is sufficient for a majority of professional sales professionals.

However in this job market, many individuals are opting for commissioned sales positions for the first time because. In those cases for training to be effective the person’s mental skills must also undergo training.

an on-going campaign to acquire new customers, requires natural on-going mental skills

Here is what most sales force training covers:

  • Product Knowledge and How That Benefits Customers
  • Competitor Sales Strategies
  • Skill Development (Organization, Time Management)
  • Sales Processes
  • Motivation and Encouragement
  • Goals and Expectations
  • Marketing Support

But is that enough for the individual new to sales?

Perhaps. But not everyone is cut out for sales, they are perhaps capable if they can get the mental selling game right. Do the new hires really have the level of confidence they need to carry out your goals and expectations? And when you weigh the cost of the money invested in hiring and training them to this point, doesn’t it make sense to ensure their mental selling aspect is also well honed?

As an example: If their belief in their ability is low, then they will struggle and perhaps give up, then you are faced with hiring another person. Or, as an alternative you can train them on the mental and emotional level and that is where we come in.

Sometimes the psychological dynamic of selling must be evaluated and transformed. Because if a person possesses negative beliefs that equals no action and stalled sales. However, should one possess positive beliefs then positive actions follow which can only lead to positive growth.


This program creates the on going mental skills campaign needed for today’s sales force.

In this market it is harder to find those fearless salespeople that can hit the ground running, so why not create them. Find Out More.



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