Are You missing something?

In many cases, managers assumed their sales people had the essential, interpersonal skills to establish connections with potential customers, to build trust, to overcome resistance and close the sale. But, as many managers around the country know well, knowledgeable sales people with such well-honed skills aren’t exactly pounding on their doors, looking for jobs.

So, where do you find them?
You don’t. You create them.

Valerie Grimes Hypnotist
Valerie Grimes, CCHt

And that’s where Valerie Grimes and her company, Comprehensive Training Services comes in. Her realm of expertise is transforming good sales people into excellent sales reps.

For many years, Valerie headed her own Dallas ad agency, producing sales materials for a wide range of companies. Those materials contributed to a lot of success for those companies, but in working with them, she saw that little emphasis was placed on right type of training for their sales forces.

More specifically, she observed that most sales people are deficient in correct mindset that they need to perform according to the sales managers expectations and have NEGATIVE BELIEFS that stop them from reaching goals both of which make it difficult to maintain an on-going campaign to acquire customers.

Basically she believes  fear is the biggest bottleneck to obtaining new business or increased sales.

From her realization of the great need in these areas, Valerie segued from advertising in 2008 into a new way to help companies—producing and hosting cost effective  FEARLESS FRONT LINE SALES FORCE PROGRAMS that can make a huge difference for your company.