How does your fearless sales force program work?

Creating new attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors happens on a subconscious level. The brain is capable of learning new responses, our process helps the individual unlearn an old response and learn a new one. The brain does this based on science called neuroplasticity.

Neuroplasticity For many years scientists believed that brain functions were set in early development and couldn’t be changed. Recent research in neuroscience, most notably by Norman Doidge, has changed this view. We now know that brains adapt naturally after a traumatic Injury.

Some of the first discoveries of neuroplasticity came from scientists investigating how brains recover after devastating injuries. Since the brain had been mapped out, with specific functions corresponding to specific areas, scientists were confused by patients who had an area of the brain destroyed yet could still perform the functions of that area. For example, in one case, a stroke victim regained use of her right hand and the ability to speak when the right side of her brain took over the functions normally assigned to the left hemisphere.

Brain plasticity is a unique characteristic of neuronal cells. No other organ has the capability of rewiring itself to take on other functions. Suggestions made while the person is in a subconscious state speed this process along and in a very specific way. With lasting results.

Does it work for all types of people?

No. The individual must have a willingness to change their behavior, to drop the ego, so to speak. Also the motivation must be strong as well as their commitment to the program process.

Our screening weeds out those individuals who are not of the right mindset so that the ones we do work with all have positive results.

Why do some people respond well to typical sales training and incentives and others do not?

Willpower only works when we don’t need it to. Professional salespeople that have a positive mental and emotional mindset do very well with new motivational techniques and sales tactics because they are already wired for success. The new training they receive helps them to excel easily because they are predisposed for success. In other words, they already have the attitude, beliefs and behaviors of a successful professional sales rep.

Who is this program best suited for?

  • Sales reps with the potential to improve, but for whatever reason can’t get out of their current stagnant state
  • Sales Managers that are ready to get to the true causes of under performance of their sales staffs
  • Previous A Team sales rep that have slipped to the B Team
  • Companies wanting to improve retention rates

Why do these results last?

Once a new attitude and belief system is learned, it is in place in the same way the old self defeating belief system was stuck in place. Here is why from a scientific perspective.

Switching the emotional association

Neurons that encode whether a memory is positive or negative can be reprogrammed to switch the emotional association of the experience.

Memories of experiences are encoded in the brain along with contextual and emotional information such as where the experience took place and whether it was positive or negative. This allows for the formation of memory associations that might assist in survival. Scientists have known for decades that neurons that “fire together, wire together.”

Neurons in the hippocampus region of the brain can be artificially switched to encode memories as either positive or negative regardless of the original experience. In a our sessions we can weaken an old negative emotional feeling around a memory with the use of imagery and positive direct suggestion.