Do Your Sales Training Programs Offer A Course in Courage?

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Offering a way for your sales force to be fearless could improve your sales.

When companies present sales force training to their staffs there isn’t much consideration to helping sales reps overcome that self sabotage that comes from fear.

The following article explains where fear may originate.

Are Your Salespeople Afraid?
It doesn’t have to be rationale to impact your team’s performance.

I know, it sounds a bit silly. Afraid of what?

Well, here is the thing. In my experience, many salespeople are actually afraid of rejection. Why?

Because there is no business practice where you have to bring yourself in as much as when selling. Whether it’s selling a product or a service, sales is emotional and personal. We professionals in sales live by how well we perform. That means our livelihood is in the balance every day, every call, every client interaction. Though not as common in a traditional sales environment, fear can also be felt in a consultative sales environment. Thu, 10/18/2012  by: Monika D’Agostino

Link to full article highlights how fear can interrupt the best selling intentions.

Rational fear or irrational fear work the same in one’s brain. That is because the response to fear originates in the subconscious regions of the brain…where reasoning simply doesn’t exist.

Just because something on the surface seems irrational, that doesn’t mean the brain treats it that way. To explain more, this what a brain “acts like on selling.”

Reasoning side thought:

You need to call on 30 new prospects every week to meet the goal. Then you will get that commission check you need to buy that boat for this summer, after all your family asks about it every day and you can’t let them down.

Behavior side response:

Yes, I know that, but I’m really not ready as I need to develop a better argument, plus, I really don’t like bothering people on Mondays, so I’ll spend today getting organized first, then make calls first thing.

The behavior side response is the sabotage kicking in because of a perceived fear of rejection. When you think about how one worries, (the worry thought persists and gains strength), fears are the same way. Most have seen the self help acronym F.E.A.R. which can mean False Events Appearing Real. It doesn’t matter what the rational side wants, it is up to the behavior side to deliver.

Our Fearless Sales Force Program accomplishes the task of behavior change at a subconscious level so that the rational thought or intention is easily carried out and a fearless sales rep focused on call after call after call makes more money for the company and also puts everyone in a much better mood.

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